As a part of helping you to achieve your goal of passing your test and being a great driver I offer help with the theory test. I ensure that all the time that you are learning practical skills, you are also able to understand how this links in with the theory test.

The driving theory test has two parts to it. The first is a set of 50 multiple choice questions and the second involves 14 hazard perception clips of cgi video film.

You will be asked 50 questions from a question bank of around 800 questions and the pass mark is 43 out of 50 or 86%. Each question has one correct answer out of a possible four. While some of the answers may seem like common sense, for many of the questions you will only know the answers if you have learned the information. You can do this using the official DVSA theory test question book or many apps and dvds that are available.

The hazard perception part of the test has 14 clips of film with a total of 15 “developing hazards” that you need to identify by clicking the mouse. The sooner you see the hazard and respond the better your score for that clip. The pass mark is 44 out of a possible 75. Hazard awareness is an important part of learning to drive and if required I can help  explain how the hazard test works but also, importantly how it relates to your practical driving.

You need to pass both parts of the test at the same time and need to pass the theory test before you can apply for your practical driving test.


The address for the driving theory test centre in Derby is:

Theory Test Centre
East Wing, 100 Mansfield Road,

You can book your theory test at: